Monday, February 22, 2010

Marathon Key, Florida

King of Conch!

What's the best way to inflate a large inflatable pirate??

With an AAARRRRRRR-compressor.

With a Bilge-pump.


Friday, February 12, 2010

I Baked a Cake for My Girlfriend for Valentine's Day.

I havent baked a cake since I can't remember when.

I learned she liked Red Velvet Cake, I bought two boxes and two pans.
I bought the frosting that comes in the plastic tubs.
My grocery store did not carry the fondant stuff so I made my own.

A Noobie Baker tries to make a cake "like they do on TV!"

I used a mini-marshmallow/ powdered sugar base for the fodant that was the hugest mess, but fun and yummy.

I used the left over frosting and packed it into a sandwich bag. I cut the tip a tiny bit and it worked OK. I wouldn't recommend it and I would have gotten a piping bag and some tips had I known. The plastic bag changed shapes at the tip allowing for some different effects as I went.

The roses are the most succesful part, I think, and pretty easy to make. You just squish rose petal shaped pieces together until it makes a rose. I just used some red coloring in the marshmallow mix.

She loved it!!