Friday, February 12, 2010

I Baked a Cake for My Girlfriend for Valentine's Day.

I havent baked a cake since I can't remember when.

I learned she liked Red Velvet Cake, I bought two boxes and two pans.
I bought the frosting that comes in the plastic tubs.
My grocery store did not carry the fondant stuff so I made my own.

A Noobie Baker tries to make a cake "like they do on TV!"

I used a mini-marshmallow/ powdered sugar base for the fodant that was the hugest mess, but fun and yummy.

I used the left over frosting and packed it into a sandwich bag. I cut the tip a tiny bit and it worked OK. I wouldn't recommend it and I would have gotten a piping bag and some tips had I known. The plastic bag changed shapes at the tip allowing for some different effects as I went.

The roses are the most succesful part, I think, and pretty easy to make. You just squish rose petal shaped pieces together until it makes a rose. I just used some red coloring in the marshmallow mix.

She loved it!!


marythemom said...

Ooh yummy! Can you post the recipe?

Mary in TX (yup the one you're related to!)

Scotty Bondo said...

Hi mary, thanks for the comment.

Cake was Duncan Hines Red velvet.
Fondant is i bag mini marshmallows melted down and almost 1 bag powdered sugar added to texture.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Scot! How pretty! I bet she loved it!