Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jokes to Offend Sarah Palin.

Sarah VS Letterman.
I'm sorry, but I take Letterman's side. He was doing his job, as a late night entertainer. Sometimes the jokes may go a bit far, and the public figures mentioned in the jokes need to relax and realize that they are just jokes.

So here are some jokes that will hopefully offend the Guv.
Ms can call me at the studio and I will be happy to apologize!

The original bit was about Sarah visiting Yankee's stadium, so I will continue where Letterman left off...

I'm not saying Sarah gained weight...but she was seen at the ballpark eating three hot-dogs and then putting on lipstick.

She was there because she thought it was the "New York Mavericks."

She has another ethics investigation to look forward to: She was caught stealing second.

She came to the park to get some tips...after all, she and Todd are breeding their own baseball team.

They asked if Sarah wanted and her daughter wanted a tour of the field. She was all for it but wanted to make sure they didn't go past first base.

The Govenor kept insisting players be put in the "penalty box."

Sarah asked to be sat in the nose-bleed seats way up high. She wanted to still keep her eye on Russia.

Sarah, call me...970-547-1063.


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