Monday, June 1, 2009

Leave a Comment...Win Some Free Concert Tickets

Wanna see Lyle Lovette at Red Rocks July 26th?

I have a pair to give away!

Also I have tickets to "Blues From The Top" at Winter Park.

The best comment left below wins the tickets.
Leave a joke, an andecdote, or a short essay on why you deserve the tickets, anything that will catch my attention.

Leave your Name, Phone Number, Hometown, and email!!
(I will delete phone numbers after I record them)
Good luck and thanks for visiting.


Rontele said...

Max Gosey pounded him der poopenhausen and Lyle Lovett

Barry said...

...because, all we are, basically, are monkeys with car keys...

Scotty Bondo said...


Gena Osborn said...

I would love tickets to anything to get out of town!
Gena Osborn 389-6370

RLamb said...

Hey Scotty, My girlfriend and I love your station: it is much better than that stuff oozing out of Boulder! We both truly enjoy both Lyle Lovett and Tommy Castro; for me, it is their music! And so, basically, I was directed to do whatever it takes to win some tickets, and I would not be angry if you could toss a few our way!! Thanks muchly, and keep playing that GREAT music!! Randy Lamb 949-842-1129 Fort Collins, CO

RLamb said...

Hey Scotty,
My name is Randy Lamb, and I forgot to leave my email with my last post. It is Thanks again!!

Red Bean said...

I hope I'm not to late. I was busy hunting down the mosquitoes of Kremmling. They don't have internet access in the swamp. I would enjoy the hell out of some live music. Send it my way!

(928) 814-3902

RLamb said...

Scotty, you made Randy and I the happiest couple in Colorado! We are so excited about the Lyle Lovett tickets, cannot wait! Just wanted to thank you immensely and let you know how much I appreciated you picking Randy's blog! keep on playing the great music. Coral

Eric said...

If I had a pony, I'd ride him to Red Rocks to see Lyle Lovett!
Would love the chance to see some real Texas country at Red Rocks, especially Lyle!
change for a nickel, thanks and gig 'em
Eric in Denver