Thursday, August 27, 2009

Signs You might Have Stumbled onto a Pot Farm in the Forest

National Foresters are asking the public for help in identifying illegal pot farms in the National forests.

Here is my list of signs you might be in a pot farm as you are out hiking around:

Plants take a lot of water; so if you see some guy with a 400 gallon water tank clipped to his backpack with a caribeener you might want to go back to the car.

If your hiking along and run into Willie Nelson.

Mountain Bikes up on blocks.

A snowboard.

Black light poster and lava lamps off the trail.

All the old logs lying around seem to be made into bongs.

Rabbits with the munchies.

Guy with a weed whacker and a mullet.

Those baggies left along side the trail don't contain dog-poop.

Careful out there!


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