Monday, August 31, 2009

Leave a Comment...Win Some Free Concert Tickets!!

Free Ticket Tuesday on KCMV.

The Killers playing Sept 9th at Red Rocks


Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Sept 18th at the Bluebird.

You could win a pair of tickets to one these shows simply by leaving a comment in this post.

Be Clever, Funny or Touching. leave a joke or short essay on why you should win. Are you a mega-fan who absolutely must go to the show? Flattery will help (maybe). Best comment as judged by me will win the tix.

Leave phone number or e-mail address in the comment so I can get hold of you



Thomas Armento said...

Not that I need to see any of these shows, but figured I would take a moment to lay down some dating advice for any of your readers Bondo.

For any single guys out there on a cold streak looking for ways to capitalize on women's affection towards all things soft and cuddly, do yourself a favor and buy a puppy. Owning one is the gateway to all things female. Don't have George Clooney's dreamy looks or Jay Leno's garage full of expensive cars or Peter North's ... ummmm ... hands? Don't sweat it. Girls love puppies more than drinking cosmopolitans and secretly plotting how to steal their best friend's boyfriend for an evening.

Then once you find that special someone and date for a while, you'll begin to call each other girlfriend and boyfriend. You'll be in love. Then you'll meet the parents and move in with each other. Seems like a relationship at this point, right? Wrong. See, relationships don't officially begin until you fart in front of your loved one. I don't care if you've been married for 10 years, until either of you fart, it just doesn't count.

Girls don't have this problem, because as we all know, (1) they don't fart, and (2) if they did, it would smell like roses and pina coladas. But catch her in the act during the act, and you can just go ahead and grant yourself lifetime farting immunity.

And for those not comfortable yet farting in front of your significant other, well ... that's the second best reason to own a dog.


Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Email is in case I happen to be the lucky winner.

Anonymous said...

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