Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ways to Prepare for Winter During a Reccession:

Ways to Prepare for Winter During a Reccession:

You can stud your tires for free by driving around construction sites.

Steal the little packages of salt from restaurants to use on your driveway.

Send the kids out to operate a neighborhood TAMIFLU STAND.

Time to start canning the HotPockets.

Clean out your closets and move into them, or maybe rent them out.

Buy GM stock and burn it to keep warm. Cheaper than firewood.

Weatherize the house by stuffing recalled food into the cracks. Chinese Ecoli peanut butter makes great Caulking!

Instead of keeping blankets in the car for emergencies, just put a stray dog in there. They will keep you warm over night, and a dog keeps the car warmer so you don't have to warm the engine as much.

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