Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend of Music

All photos by Kim!

Weather was perfect for taking in some live music!
One of the things I love about Summit County and the high-country is all the summertime music fests. A lot of shows are free and easy to get to.

Thursday started with the Town Party and Roger Cline and the Peacemakers.

Friday it was Eric Lindell

Next was the all-girl Led Zepplin cover-band known as Lez Zepplin

Saturday we braved the rains and hit Red Rocks for David Byrne:

Terrific shows! Great photos by Kim!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jokes to Offend Sarah Palin.

Sarah VS Letterman.
I'm sorry, but I take Letterman's side. He was doing his job, as a late night entertainer. Sometimes the jokes may go a bit far, and the public figures mentioned in the jokes need to relax and realize that they are just jokes.

So here are some jokes that will hopefully offend the Guv.
Ms can call me at the studio and I will be happy to apologize!

The original bit was about Sarah visiting Yankee's stadium, so I will continue where Letterman left off...

I'm not saying Sarah gained weight...but she was seen at the ballpark eating three hot-dogs and then putting on lipstick.

She was there because she thought it was the "New York Mavericks."

She has another ethics investigation to look forward to: She was caught stealing second.

She came to the park to get some tips...after all, she and Todd are breeding their own baseball team.

They asked if Sarah wanted and her daughter wanted a tour of the field. She was all for it but wanted to make sure they didn't go past first base.

The Govenor kept insisting players be put in the "penalty box."

Sarah asked to be sat in the nose-bleed seats way up high. She wanted to still keep her eye on Russia.

Sarah, call me...970-547-1063.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blue Skies Black Leather

In the theme of enjoying the mild mornings we are having, Kim and I broke out the riding gear and hopped on the hog. We had breakfast in Minturn at the turntable, and then we finished the ride by going up to Leadville and back home through Copper Mtn. Gorgeous morning for a High Country ride!

Yes I had a helmet...but I take it off for pictures.

Finally nice to have some good mornings to go enjoy our mountains.

The afternoons rains have made it so green. The rain could still turn to snow at any moment.

Riding the Colorado scenic highways on a Harley is one thing everyone must do at least once if not one hundred times.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bike Path of Least Resistance.

Saturday morning bike path fun.
Beautiful day, warm and sunny.
Out the door!!

Curves! and whoop-de-whoops...the fun part begins.

This is my "quicky" afternoon ride usually.
Today I went a bit farther and brought the camera.

Almost home!! I can see my house from here.

A gorgeous morning, the afternoon came in quick with clouds and rains.
Oh well...tomorrow morning I can ride again!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Independence Pass

Kim, Myself and some friends met up on Independence Pass this last weekend.
Mostly for the camping but some skiing and unicycling was also in the plans.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Leave a Comment...Win Some Free Concert Tickets

Wanna see Lyle Lovette at Red Rocks July 26th?

I have a pair to give away!

Also I have tickets to "Blues From The Top" at Winter Park.

The best comment left below wins the tickets.
Leave a joke, an andecdote, or a short essay on why you deserve the tickets, anything that will catch my attention.

Leave your Name, Phone Number, Hometown, and email!!
(I will delete phone numbers after I record them)
Good luck and thanks for visiting.