Friday, May 1, 2009

My Interview with Howie Mandel

I am about to play my interview with Mr Howie here in a few minutes.

Highlights will include his discussing his new show Howie does it
...and his new season on Deal or No Deal.

He was very excited about working with a monkey this season...!?

I asked him if the Banker has recieved his federal bailout money. He claims to never have met the banker...He says he just sits in a dark room with no pants on.

I think he makes up what the banker says to the contestants...but he denies it.

I also asked if he ever goes backstage with a box of donuts and asks the suitcase girls "Meal...or no meal?" He says he is not allowed backstage where the girls and monkey dress up. He said the monkey does not wear pants either. Seems to be alot of pantless people on that show!

When I figure out how to post audio files on this here blogspot I will put it up...

Tune in!!

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