Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Florida is making electricity from your poop.

MaxWest Environmental Systems announces the grand opening of their gasification facility today in Sanford, Florida, at Sanford’s South Water Resource Center.
This innovative system was designed to provide renewable ‘green’ thermal energy to replace energy from natural gas for the City’s sludge dryer by turning Sanford’s treated wastewater sludge into gas. The energy in the sludge is then converted to heat safely and economically.
According to their press release, “This first of its kind, industry-changing technology will provide Sanford with a long-term, green solution for sludge disposal while saving millions of dollars in natural gas fuel costs. Sanford’s 20-year contract with MaxWest also provides long-term energy price stability. And, as the system grows, the opportunity to produce renewable green electricity is available.”
MaxWest also plans on building
more gasification systems in Florida and other states for animal, industrial and forest product wastes. They plan to build a facility in Ocala/Marion County, FL, (the “horse capital of the world“) that takes horse manure and turns it into renewable electric power.

Are poops then considered carbon credits?

They deliver the energy to your house, but first they set it on the porch, light it on fire and run.

My cat box, alone, could power a casino for awhile.

A whole new meaning to rolling brown-outs!

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