Thursday, October 8, 2009

Curse of Survivor.

It's Thursday, or as we say around our house...Survivor Day!

But I noticed that this week the island of Vanuatu had an earthquake...just after Samoa had a quake and Tsunami combo-meal.

These were both locations of a recent and now current Survivor series.

Is Jeff Probst a horseman of the apocolypse??

Let's look at some other locations and their disasters after the show left:

Survivor China: Just after the show left China had a disaster that cost them biliions of dollars, they called it The Summer Olympics.

Survivor Thailand: Two words...David Carradine. He lost the reward challange.

Survivor Palua: After hosting the cast and crew of Survivor, the island of Palua decided it would take the Chinese Uighers from Guantanamo Bay. Figuring they couldn't be any worse than the reality show producers.

Survivor Amazon. One word; Kindle.

I think those hidden immunity idols are actually Bobby Brady's stolen Tiki from the Hawaii episodes...?


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