Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Life in the News: Lake Tahoe and Breckenridge.

On my own in Lake Tahoe, I enjoyed a nice long six-year run at the Horizon Casino.

Of all the pics and articles put in the paper this is one of my favorites. My Dad came out to visit and I had the interview scheduled as he was there. The writer used my Dad as the angle for the story. I framed this and gave it to my Dad on a Father's Day.

I Can't stay away from the Renn Faires, Still in Lake Tahoe.

Here they used my picture to decorate the map.

Most recently...from my local paper The Summit Daily in Breckenridge, Colorado

Sometimes, instead of a caption, they write a whole article about you.

I am the official "gaper" poster boy

Still at it after all these years...

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Especially like the OG Friends of Berthoud Pass t-shirt in the High On Grass shot.