Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dale Earnhardt Jr GPS

Dale Earnhardt Jr does not take his novelty product branding responsibilities lightly, I'll have you know. This Rightway GPS unit goes whole-hog, featuring his voice, his car and advice about his favorite "waterin' holes".
This GPS unit, which is real, by the way, has gotten the whole Dale Jr treatment, complete with Earnhardt-oriented points of interest and the driver's actual voice, which dopily urges you to do things like "hang a left!" to "park it! we're here!" and to "back'er down!" On the practical side of things, it's $229 and runs Navteq's decent map data set. So, 88!

Finally a device that will tell you where you left your pack of Winstons.

Using Dale Jr's voice it will just keep telling you to "turn left," "Hold ma beer and watch this..." Of course this is all set to Banjo background music.

Perfect for your dashboard Dale shrine. Of course most people will set it up just to watch it crash.

It works pretty well, except that every street is labeled "Victory Lane."

This is better than the Dale Earnhardt SR GPS unit...It only instructed you to drive into the walls.
(I Know...tasteless...)

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