Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No more CHIA-OBAMAS...Oh Noes!


Walgreens is pulling the Chia-Obama. Apparently it does not match their corporate image. I guess they need room on the counters for their chocolate flavored KY jellies.

I had no idea there even was a Chia-Obama. It is perfect for anybody's Obama-Alter. It comes with a Chia-Teleprompter and costs only 3.5 trillion dollars. Joe Biden will come water your Chia-Obama personally. (His day-timer is pretty open these days.) Instead of starting another hedge fund you can now just start a hedge for your yard. Much more popular than the Chia-Cheney, which as you know, has no hair at all and won't grow anything.

Like the Obama coin this is just a Chia-Shaggy with a sticker applied. They don't need the sun to grow a luxurious head of green hair...but it does help if you face him towards Mecca.

I imagine the President himself should buy these up. They would make great gifts for the Queen and other heads of state that Obama may visit. Then he can send the rest to Afganistan.

I am headed to Walgreens to buy up the last of the Chia-Presidents and start a chia-farm to combat Global Warming.

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