Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mow Your Lawn with a Wii Remote.

Robot lawnmower controlled by Nintendo Wii remote unveiled
Scientists at the University of Southern Denmark have unveiled the Casmobot robotic lawnmower, which is operated using a Nintendo Wii remote.

So this lawnmower is connected, via bluetooth, to a Wii remote. You can sit in your lawnchair and mow your lawn, and drink your beer. Terrific. Now your lawnmower is connected to the internet. Be careful it does not spend all it's time updating it's own facebook page.

You thought people talking on cell phone while driving was annoying... just wait till they are driving and mowing their lawns at the same time. Maybe your lawnmower can pick up a virus and start crashing. Ever seen a blue lawn of death?

Could your lawnmower text you; "d00d U R out O gas." "Change my bag" "srry bout the sprklr hed"

I think I would prefer THIS mower...

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